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We have taken the science of anti-aging to a whole new level. Now, you can enjoy the technology of slowing time damage to your skin. ageLOC R2Yes, and we are talking about 30 years of anti-aging science discovery here. You can enjoy this amazing anti-aging supplement that targets the ultimate sources of aging to help you look younger, longer – today and in the future.
So, are you ready to feel and live younger again?
The Problem: Aging
As we age,it is easy to miss the subtle changes in how we feel. These changes accumulate until one day we wake up and realize that we no longer feel young. Do you remember that day? Did you ask yourself, “How can I recapture my youth?”
The key to youth is in our genes. As we age, the expression of our genes, or the way our genes communicate with our cells, changes. This can diminish our cells’ ability to function at their peak. When trillions of our cells feel sluggish, it is no wonder that we can also feel worn down and tired.
This aging phenomenon can cause an increase in our internal toxic burden and a loss of vitality, which slows the body’s ability to function well and make it difficult to feel like we did when we were young.
1. Age-related Toxic BurdenageLOC R2
With aging, our bodies become less effective at purifying and our cells begin to accumulate damage, cellular waste and toxic byproducts. Everyone is concerned about environmental contaminants but it is also important to target the buildup and damage from internal metabolism (breathing, converting food to energy etc) that happens over time and that can accelerate the aging process.
Until now, products in the market have not focused on this internal source of aging – they focus on some symptoms of the problem rather than a key source. Therefore, it is vital to target a cellular cleanse of the ultimate sources of aging.
2. Age-related Vitality Loss
Loss of physical vigor, reduced mental acuity and the lack of sexual desire are common signs of aging – ultimately what we call the loss of vitality. For more information of aging, click here. As we age, our bodies’ ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines, hence robs our youthful vitality to keep up with our bodies’ demands.
The Solution: ageLOC
Developed by Nu Skin in collaboration with leading scientists at LifeGen Technologies (proprietary genetic databank with 30 years of aging data – largest collection data of its kind!), ageLOC science is based on the discovery of internal sources of aging that contribute to an aging appearance, what we call the age-related super markers, or arSuperMarkers. This exclusive ageLOC science targets these arSuperMarkers—the ultimate sources of aging that can influence how we age.
Based on this discovery, we are able to identify critical and specific arSuperMarkers called Youth Gene Clusters, which are functional groups of genes that regulate how we appear to age. The expression of these genes is responsible for the signs of aging on our skin. Through ageLOC science, we have the ability to reset these genes to behave more youthfully, helping to restore a more youthful balance in the skin. And ONLY ageLOC’s proprietary science understands how to do it.
ageLOC R2
How Do We Reset These Youth Genes?
Once we identify these Youth Gene Clusters, it is important to reset them to reflect a more youthful skin profile. Resetting Youth Gene Clusters is a subtle balancing process—it’s not as simple as turning them on and off. Some genes within the cluster may need to be turned up while others may need to be turned down. Nu Skin’s proprietary ageLOC science resets Youth Gene Clusters to create a youthful balance within each cluster—returning them to their youthful patterns of activity.
ageLOC R2Think of the body as an incredibly intricate orchestra of genes. With an orchestra, you see and hear how each beautiful sound comes from groups of instruments to create the finished piece. Just as instruments in an orchestra play as a group, genes work in clusters – the youthful expression of each gene working harmoniously within the cluster. When the orchestra is in balance and in tune and all the sections are in perfect harmony, the result is a perfectly inspiring and beautiful musical piece.
Similarly, the Youth Gene Clusters express themselves youthfully to promote optimal cellular purification and cellular energy production. With age, these expressions may change and get out of balance, just as instruments lose their pitch and play out of tune. Like any good conductor, ageLOC science identifies and targets the groups that are not performing up to par.
So, it is a matter of retuning the musical instruments and leading the group to play harmoniously once again.
So What Is ageLOC R2?
As you have read, ageLOC science identifiestargets and resets Youth GeneageLOC R2 Clusters to retune your youth – helping you look and feel healthier, younger and more vibrant than you have in years. And ageLOC R2 is a powerful product combination that works by resetting the Youth Gene Clusters related to cellular purification and cellular energy production towards a more youthful time.
Taken in the evening, ageLOC R2 Night optimizes each cell’s natural purification process, helping you start each day feeling refreshed and renewed. Taken in the morning, ageLOC R2 Day optimizes cellular energy production to help you recharge and take control of a new day. So ageLOC R2 allows you to Renew and Recharge everyday!
Benefits Of ageLOC R2 (as shared by consumers)
  • Skin condition improves – wrinkles and fine lines decreased, ageLOC R2firmer and smoother skin, eye bag or dark eye circles condition improves, much lesser or no acne, pore size improves, radiant skin, even skin tone, skin hydration level increases
  • Hair blackens and more dense
  • More energy in the day, improves stamina especially in exercise
  • Sleep better at night, not easily awaken
  • Feel younger and more vibrant – renewed and recharged
  • Detoxifies the body – supports the body’s ability to neutralize and remove cellular waste and toxic byproducts
  • Helps restore normal cellular functions and improves the body’s own protective mechanisms – protects and fortifies cells against damage from external toxins
Exclusive and Patented Science
ageLOC R2- Prestigious and well known scientists and doctors sits in the Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board, including well known C. Djerassi, Father of Oral Contraceptives and Dr L Packar, Father of Antioxidants.
18 Patents filed or pending.
48 Scientific Papers and Conferences
3 Prestigious Awards
- Listed on Physician’s Desk Reference (the bible for all doctors):
- Approved by HSA (Singapore Health Sciences Authority) for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Reported In All International MediaageLOC R2ageLOC R2
  • New York Times
  • LA Times
  • Boston Globe
  • Wall Street Journal
  • CBS News
  • CNN International
  • Associated Press
  • London Times
  • BBC
  • Documentary on Discovery Channel in Singapore (Coming 29 Dec 2012!)
So Who Should Use This Product?
Men and women over the age of 18 who have ever felt tired, weighed down, sluggish, or the inability to fully engage in an active life, and who wants to feel youthful and vibrant again! ageLOC R2 is for anyone who wants to look, feel and live younger than their true age!
I Want ageLOC R2!
So what are you waiting for? Click on the below banner and we will make arrangements for you to purchase ageLOC R2. Have more questions? No problem. Just drop us a message or request to meet up with us! –> Click here.

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