Monday, February 18, 2013

AgeLOC R2 Teetimonials

ageLOC R2 has helped thousands of people regain their beauty and confidence, by targeting their Youth Gene Clusters and reset them! Yes, this means you can once again look, feel and live younger than your true age! Backed with 30 years of anti-aging discovery genetic research, ageLOC R2 is the innovation front of the anti-aging industry. Read on some of the customers’ testimonials and be inspired of this life-changing transformation.
ageLOC R2

Kai Xin, 29 years old, Singapore
Kaixin used to have sever acne condition which has also left several acne scars on her face. After taking ageLOC R2, her skin condition improved tremendously and no more massive pimple breakouts!

ageLOC R2

Mr Sim, 42 years old, Singapore
Since late 20s, Mr Sim has suffered from hair loss problems. After taking ageLOC R2, his hair starts to grow! He looks much younger in person now!

ageLOC R2

Karin Lee, 31 years old, Malaysia
From Karin’s younger days, she has left with many acne scars and uneven skin tone. After taking ageLOC R2, her old acne scars have since faded away and her skin is glowing! She looks just like her younger days skin.

ageLOC R2Tammy Ting, 36 years old, Malaysia
Tammy suffered from psoriasis and eczema since 2010 and has to go through all the pain, itchiness and worse of all embarrassment from her red patches. Thanks to ageLOC R2, she no longer has to endure people’s weird stares and her skin pores reduced too! Congrats!
ageLOC R2

Jenny Looi, 35 years old, Malaysia
This is Jenny’s own testimonial. Her family has a medical history of heat disease and they are on long term medication. Her mother first tried ageLOC R2 and amazingly her doctor has given her a clean bill of health and she does not need to take her medication anymore! Since then, her father started taking ageLOC R2, and Jenny too! P.S: Jenny has also stopped taking her heart medication since after.

ageLOC R2
Bernard Lim, 48 years old, Singapore
Bernard suffered from hair loss at a very young age of 14 years old. After taking ageLOC R2, his black hair starts to grow! He is so happy and has even recommended his friends to take it!

ageLOC R2
Vasanthi Kumari, 53 years old, Singapore
Vasanthi suffered from alopecia (hair loss) for 23 years. After taking ageLOC R2, not only she has a new hair crown, she feels very energetic in the day to do her tasks and sleep better at night. She is so confident now and feels so positive everyday!

ageLOC R2
Ying Hong, 34 years old, China
Ying Hong has hereditary freckles and the spots worsen when she worked overtime. After taking ageLOC R2, her freckles lightened and her skin is also more taut and smoother!

ageloc R2
Graham Hey, 30 years old, New Zealand
“I noticed that on the fourth day of taking ageLOC R2 I woke up before the alarm clock. More than that, I actually wanted to jump out of bed and get into action. The quality of my sleep improved, and  this has continued ever since, in that I wake up without the haze in my head and even look forward to early mornings in a way that I didn’t in the past. Not only do I feel like doing sport more often, I have taken a liking to ball sports, noticing that my reaction times have improved. Many times I have even surprised the kids who have an almost decent adversary keeping up with them now. Something that we have noticed in my family is that in spite of all of my younger cousins greying and losing their hair, I still have a decent mop, and the question of hair dye (the answer is negative!) has been raised on many an occasion. Perhaps the most noticeable result with ageLOC R2, is the sensation of calm. In moments that I would have been extremely stressed, I seem to be able to cope without biting heads off. That’s been good for everyone involved.”
ageLOC R2Graham Park, 65 years old, Australia
“Taking ageLOC R2 has changed the way I am able to perform in so many ways. I awake with so much more energy and am finding that I simply do not get tired during the day. I also am finding that I think more clearly and am able to focus in ways that I have not been able to for years. It feels like it is constantly turning back the clock and making me feel younger and more alive each month. In all my time, I have never experienced a product quite like ageLOC R2, love it!”

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