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(TRA) program

Want to lose weight quick but don’t know how? Or just want to cut down on your fats and improve your health? Now you have the solution – the TRA program that is safeeffectivesustainable and it is the only program in the market that targets visceral fats to get you healthier after you lose weight!
The Right Approach (TRA) programTRA Program
TRA is a patented weight management program (U.S. Patent No 7,476,406) for long-term weight control to help:
1)      Slim down and enhance your figure
2)      Increase muscle mass and metabolism
3)      Reduce fats and be healthier
4)      Sustain your weight effectively long-term (No yo-yo dieting syndrome = no weight rebound!)
1.       It is SAFE!
Besides it is U.S. patented and the TRA program is popularly participated in 52 countries, the products used in TRA have been certified by the Health Science Authority of Singapore (HSA) to be free from the below harmful ingredients so anyone can use it safely with no side effects.
a)      No NSC stimulants and anorecticsTRA is safe
b)      No Diuretics
c)       No Laxatives and purgatives
d)      No Lipid absorption inhibitors
e)      No Thyroid extract
        Lab. No. PH-2008-00246-001 to 003
And most importantly, these products are NOT slimming products but supplements that do not pose threats to your daily lifestyles, health and diets. No side effects!
2.       No STARVING! TRA needs NO starving
Yes, you see it right. The TRA program discourages starving and instead we eat more to lose weight. The main objective is to build a well-balanced diet habit by slowly adjusting your fat storage, carbohydrate cravings, sugar and fat metabolism so that you can increase muscle mass, promote fat burning and control fat storage in your body. 
3.       No need INTENSE EXERCISE!TRA needs no exercise
Do you know 1 piece of fried chicken is equivalent to 400kCal? 30mins of running can only burn 200kCal which means you need to run for 1 hour. And if you want to lose 1kg of FAT, which is 7700kCal, you will need to run 35 hours!
Exercise is good for your blood circulation and general well-being, however to exercise to lose weight, it is highly inefficient.
If your diet includes starvation, missing meals or very low calories, you are setting yourself up for the yo-yo effect. While it seems that good results can be achieved quickly, the body gets the hint that less calories are coming in and slows down the metabolism. Often this can be a ‘plateau’ – the weight loss that was initially achieved begins to slow down or stop.
Many people struggle at this point because with the lowered metabolism means they end up with more weight than what they started at! TRA gives NO weight reboundAlso, the severe calorie restriction also causes loss of muscle tone. Less muscle means a slower metabolism and less fat burned.
The TRA program focuses on building muscle mass, increasing your metabolism while reducing your fats. Only this way you can prevent from suffering the yo-yo syndrome. All the TRA participants will be able to share their success stories on how they reduce their fats to retain a slimmer figure and most importantly no weight rebound! Click here to see their testimonials, even from celebrities!
Not Only You Slim Down, You Get Healthier!
Why the TRA program is so popular and effective and unique from other weight loss programs out there is that it is the ONLY program that addresses the visceral fats. Even exercise alone cannot reduce the visceral fats in your body. Once we reduce the visceral fats, our organs will be able function properly and promote proper metabolism and normalizes our body’s vital signs. This will then normalizes our blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid etc and we become healthier.
Click here to know more information on how visceral fats can harm our body.
How Long Is The Program?
Only 3 months!TRA is only 90days
Yes, no more long or even permanent weight loss programs or pills to eat. No more intense exercises to clash out every single day. No more of those super low calories diets or starving plans to execute. Lose your weight through the TRA program safely, effectively, healthily and no weight rebound!
Why TRA outshines other weight management program?
Other competitors help you to reduce your weight by losing water -> which leads to losing bone mass -> resulting in losing muscles -> therefore your weight is reduced temporarily and you rebound more because of the Yo-Yo SyndromeTRA program
How TRA beats all other competition? The TRA program helps you to:
1. Reduce your Body Fats
2. Build your Muscles
3. Increase your body Metabolism
4. Tone and Shape your body
Because of the above results, your reduced weight becomes sustainable and long-term and will NOT create additional oxidative stress to the body! And to prove it, we have the right tool – BioPhotonic Scanner that tracks your body defense system (skin carotenoid scores), ensuring that your health is not compromised while managing your weight! 
I Want To Know More!
Be it whether it is for yourself or your loved ones, if the reason is to lose weight or just to improve your health, find out how the TRA program can really transform your lives beautifully – slimmer and most importantly healthier in just 3 months.
Click on the below banner and a TRA consultant will arrange a FREE fats scan for you and share more information on the TRA program. Not only that, we will also give you a FREE antioxidant scan to measure the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin (antioxidants are very vital for good health as they protect your cells and tissues against free-radical damage).
free fats scan
Fighting body fats is the success formula of a healthy and long-term weight management program!

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